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12+ years of Insurance Industry knowhow, A strong foothold in Marine Insurance within Mumbai, Delivering best rates and fast policy issuance.
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Our access to top insurers & brokers, allows us to leverage their knowledge base & technical support, hence making us a perfect fit to cater large corporate organization.
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Presenting you with a competitive priced proposal, always looking out for ways to save your money.

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At RKinsure, our promise is to provide you with the best possible protection at the best available rates, with professional and personal service that shows we truly care about you. We will work hard to get you the best coverage for everything that matters most to you in your life.

RKinsure, is an independent insurance advisory located in Mumbai, What does this mean for you? It means we do not work for a big, faceless insurance company. We work for YOU! We work on YOUR side to get you the best prices, the best insurance, and the best service and support if you should suffer a loss.
Our experts always follow through to make sure you receive fair and prompt payment in the event of a claim. After all...that's why you get insurance in the first place! And webelieve you should get what you pay for.









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Marine Insurance

It is known that water transport is the best and most viable option when it comes to transferring heavy goods and cargo from one country to another. But for any transportation route, accidents and risks cannot be completely ruled out. Piracy or theft of goods has always been a major concern.

These situations cannot be completely avoided but by insuring your goods, cargo and any other important belongings you can save a lot of money on such damages and stay rest assured while your goods are in transit. At Rkinsure, you can get the best marine insurance policy in India for your cargo ship that goes along with it.

We provide you with all marine insurance needs at one single stop starting from commercial marine insurance, import-export insurance, inland transit and container insurance. We make sure that our customers get the best deal for their insurance requirements.