Motor Vehicle Insurance

The importance of car insurance is felt most when you are in a police station to report the theft of your vehicle or at a workshop to get it repaired after an accident. In both situations, a proper cover or bumper to bumper cover would ensure that you don’t lose money due to the unforeseen turn of events. Even so, while a standard auto car insurance policy will reimburse your loss, your wallet will also feel the pinch. There are always some expenses that a comprehensive policy will not fully cover. This is where the add-on cover becomes useful.
Let us look at some important bumper to bumper covers.

Bumper to Bumper / Additional Covers

zero depreciation cover icon

Zero Depreciation Cover
For the repair or replacement expenses of plastic, rubber, glass and other materials which would otherwise not be covered in a regular policy.

engine protection icon

Engine Protection
For times when the monsoons are at their destructive worst and leave your car’s engine and your tear glands vulnerable to flooding.

return to invoice cover

Return to Invoice Cover
When you have a bumper to bumper cover you can recover as much as the car’s on-road price or Insured Declared Value, in case of a total loss (such as theft or a bad accident).

ncb protection

NCB Protection
With bumper to bumper car insurance, you can enjoy a discounted premium on your no-claim bonus year-on-year, even after you make a claim during the policy period.

consumable cover icon

Consumable Cover
Consumable items of a car include nut and bolt, screw, washer, grease, lubricant, clips, A/C gas, bearings, distilled water, engine oil, oil filter, fuel filter, brake oil, and related parts. The basic auto car insurance policy does not cover such consumable items. However, at a nominal additional premium, you can opt for this add-on, whereby any expenses arising out of damage or loss to these parts can be covered under the policy.

road side assistance icon

Road Side Assistance
This is a very useful cover, especially if a woman or older person is driving. If the car runs out of fuel, gets a flat tire or breaks down due to any reason, the insurance company will arrange for fuel, change the flat tire or get it towed to nearest workshop. “If you have by mistake locked your key inside the car, the insurance company will even arrange for someone to pick up the duplicate from your house and deliver it to you.

key replacement icon

Key Replacement
Your basic Car Insurance Policy, whether it is a Third-Party Liability Cover or Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan, does not include any cover pertaining to keys. Whether they are lost or stolen, you have to request a new one from the manufacturer. You may have to wait for 5-10 days to collect the replacement key.

In most cases, you may even need to replace the locks, which is another added expenditure. The more luxurious and high-end the car model is, more expensive the new set of keys will be. be. This can be covered if you have an extended auto insurance.

tyre cover

Tyre Cover
Normally, damage to tyres and tubes are covered only if the vehicle has met with an accident resulting in damage to the tyres and/or tubes. Damage to the tyres and tubes without the vehicle meeting with an accident is not covered under the Private Car Package Policy issued to cover your car.

To bridge this gap, an add-on cover ‘Tyre Cover’ that will indemnify you for damage to your Car Tyre(s) / Tube(s) without your Car getting involved in any accident, due to the reasons specified below. The insurance company will pay for the cost of repair/ replacement of tire/ tube and/or part(s) as applicable, due to impact cuts, bursts, due to impact bulging of side wall excluding manufacturing defect, chemical or atmospheric damages, flattening of Tyre due to Hard Braking.

Secure your vehicle with the right vehicle insurance policy and stay rest assured!

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