Carriers Legal Liability Insurance

Who can take the policy?

Owners of fleet or transport companies or who issues their own LR. This insurance protects a recourse claim on LR.


Legal liability including wider cover for the actual physical loss of or damage to goods or merchandise or any type of containers while in custody of carrier directly caused by the following reasons:

    1. Carrier’s liability for cargo in his custody
    2. Fire, explosion or accident to the carrying vehicle leased to / owned by the insured
    3. Strikes, malicious damage, and terrorism
    4. Burglary
    5. Shortage of goods due to theft or pilferage of cargo
    6. Flood & Water damage
    7. Leakage and breakage due to the improper handling of cargo
    8. Legal and other costs incurred in the litigation against the claimants
    9. Multi Transits excluding storage held covered
    10. Defense cost

Geographical Limits

Anywhere in India


  1. Contractual Liability
  2. Liability for loss or damage to the insured’s owned/servants/agents/sub-agents belongings
  3. Liability for loss or damage arising from
    • Inherent defect or vice, including insects moth vermin, mildew, mould, damp, wear and tear deterioration, spontaneous combustion or decay of perishable goods.
    • Depreciation, delay, loss of market and any confiscation by a Public Authority
    • Consequential Loss
    • War & Allied Perils
    • Nuclear Perils
    • Carriage of illegal, illicit or smuggled goods

Duration of Cover

From commencement of Transit including at transshipment points up to delivery to final place with a maximum of 7 days at final destination city/town.