The Ultimate Guide to Marine Cargo Protection

Shipping goods is a part of the dynamic transportation industry. Whichever mode you use, there are certain risks involved in every mode of transport. It is important to safeguard your cargo from such disasters and save on your losses. Getting a Marine insurance policy for your cargo is the best option. You would not want your cargo to be at risk away from the shore. Here are a few hacks that you could hang on to, to protect your goods:

Types of  Cargo Damages

  1. Physical Damage- where cargo is damaged due to dropping, breaking etc
  2. Wet Damage- where cargo is damaged due to water and wet conditions.
  3. Contamination Damage- when the cargo has been made impure through pollution or poisoning.
  4. Infestation Damage-when cargo is damaged due to an infestation of pests, rodents, etc
physical damage

 1) Physical Damage:

  • The correct type of container to ensure that its feasible with every size.
  • Dunnage and lashing material is sufficient to restrict container movement.
  • Timber bracing construction to prevent containers from moving during transit.

2) Wet Damage:

  • Using anti-humidity materials
  • Ventilated containers with side vents for cargo protection.
  • Properly sealed container doors.
  • Rubber seal gaskets are present in a proper condition.
wet damage
contamination damage

  3) Contamination Damage:

  • Compatibility check of cargo to avoid any reactive incident.
  • Tank cleaning certificate to understand the condition of the container.
  • Appoint a professional liquid bulk cargo surveyor to inspect the tank.

 4) Infestation Damage:

  • Food grade containers for food cargo
  • Warehouses should be clean and free of pests.
  • Wooden dunnages and pallets should be fumigated before exporting the cargo.
infestation damage

Taking a Marine insurance policy for your cargo along with your containers can secure you from any such accidents or mishaps.

Types of Cargo Claims for Containers

rkinsure container claim

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